Swimming Pool Services

Desert Diamond Pools utilizes only the most advanced techniques in pool chemistry testing and balancing.

Our unique high tech system allows you to view date stamped before and after photographs of your pool service. In addition you will also receive an electronic ticket via email on each visit indicating exactly what was done during your service and whether it is safe to swim immediately or not.

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Full Maintenance

This plan includes all of the normal maintenance services; Brushing pool walls, skimming the surface, checking baskets, inspecting for leaks, vacuuming as necessary and normal maintenance chemicals are also included. Unlike most companies who employ sub contractors to clean your pool, all of our technicians are W-2 employees with paid benefits. This allows us to maintain an unparalleled level of service in the pool cleaning industry. Every visit after the first will supply you with an email service report that includes chemistry readings, pictures, a GPS tag from the technician's phone and also alerts you to any potential problems with equipment or water quality!

Chemicals Only

This plan includes chemically balancing the water to current APSP standards and utilizing the Langelier Saturation Index to achieve optimal scale and corrosion control. This not only promotes crystal clear water but also helps to achieve the ultimate in swimmer comfort. Let Desert Diamond Pools eliminate the confusing part of pool care with our unmatched chemical knowledge and training

  • Pools over 30,000 gallons require a quote.

  • Earn 1/2 off your next monthly service for referring an individual to us that signs up for service. (Limit 5 per year)