About Us

Desert Diamond Pools is a complete pool service company that offers an elite level of pool system and chemistry knowledge. Desert Diamond strives to differentiate itself from other pool service companies by implementing advanced chemical training and unmatched customer service. We believe that a part of that service means employing clean, courteous, and caring pool professionals. The vast majority of other pool service companies treat your pool with the minimum amount of time and chemicals possible to limit overhead. Desert Diamond will treat your pool unlike any other pool service company, balancing water in accordance with a parameter called saturation index. This goes far beyond simply throwing chlorine tabs into the pool and moving on to the next customer. Balancing your pool to optimize your saturation index number will help to prevent stains, scaling, and will protect your backyard investment.We do this because we understand at Desert Diamond that it isn't just a pool, it's YOUR pool.

Professional Service

We have received some of the most complete and well rounded training the industry has to offer from Arizona’s #1 pool builder, Shasta Pools. In addition, that customer service and repair knowledge is supplemented by the most advanced chemical training available today from one of the largest chemical suppliers in the country, Biolab Inc.

We have completed Biolab’s Chem College and H2Know programs, placing us in the elite among pool chemistry professionals. For years we used that knowledge to institute new training concepts, introduce new, more effective chemicals and dispel industry perpetuated myths while working with Shasta Pools and Biolab Inc.